Coming together to create wonders!

Coming together to create wonders!

A combination not seen often

A combination not seen often

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The future of Marketing is being written in 1's and 0's. But few organizations are preparing for it. We are ahead of the curve with our partners LFD, a progressive international Data Analytics firm

Building Brands

Building Brands

People don't just buy products. They love the brands they use. We believe in building brands as well as market share for our principals

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We have in house Digital Marketing expertise. We can build campaigns, produce content, buy media with the largest media buying house and measure impact!

Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing

We have pioneered Shopper Marketing the country. We have a proven track record of creating strategies and campaigns that have delivered ground breaking market share gains for International Brands

Brand Activation

Brand Activation

We have the country's most progressive Brand Activation agency in the group. Working with all major MNCs, we create strategic creative campaigns to build brands

A Pack of Innovative Companies


All Ps of Marketing under one umbrella

We are a group of diversified companies. Each company is a star in its area. But very often, we bring all our specialties together for our clients and partners...and what results is nothing short of amazing!




We Help Build Brands

Matrix is a full service distribution setup. We help international brands flourish in the Saudi market by becoming strategic partners. We join hands with our partners under multiple flexible arrangements. From offering end to end distribution services to becoming Principal Representatives, Matrix is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of a changing market place. We ensure distribution of your products across General Trade, Modern Trade and Wholesale. Not just that we go beyond and help build your brand with our expertise in shopper marketing, brand activation and digital marketing

We Help Create Impact

We are a team of passionate brand experience makers who has learnt to evolve. We come up with awesome insightful ideas for digital, shopper and consumer activations. But we don't just stop there. We create awesome designs for those ideas and then go onground and online to actually implement those ideas.


Strategy to Ideas to Implementation​


Yes, we are that awesome!

More Shoppers | Buy More | More Often

We help brands influence SHOPPER BEHAVIOR. We believe that the changing retail landscape requires an agency that has the right tools and expertise to understand modern shopper behavior and help you influence it.

We do this with 3 key strengths:

Right People | Right Tools | Right Solutions

Telling Stories in a Digital Age​

Mankind has been telling stories since its dawn. From cavemen paintings to bedtimes, and from troubadours to hakawatis, what impacts human behavior the most is a powerful story, told well. 

This fact remains a constant, but the medium has changed now. With social media, smartphones and other new technologies emerging everyday, we help you influence behaviors through powerful digital marketing

Creating Value Locally​

Gravity is on a mission to bring the best products at the best prices to consumers in Saudi Arabia. In a country with high imports, we are creating high value products locally. Inline with the vision of the Kingdom, we are expanding our manufacturing facility and adding new products to our portfolio regularly. We started with 'Home Care' products. We have ventured into 'Personal Care' category and will soon be going beyond

Your Eyes and Ears Using AI


Plug & Play Artificial Intelligence​! We can turn your existing CCTV setup into an Artificial Intelligence based monitoring system. You get the Right Information to the Right Person at the Right.

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We work with some of the most powerful brands in the world!



Global network of extraordinary service providers


Ethnic Marketing | CANADA

We are a full-service multi-cultural advertising agency with a
proven track record of delivering impactful marketing campaigns.
Our in-depth knowledge of various Industries and cultures gives us a clear edge in understanding the needs and requirements of ethnic consumers.

Artificial Intelligence | PAKISTAN

Love For Data is an emerging predictive analytics company that works with businesses by utilizing publicly available data and incorporating it with organizational data to come up with actionable insights. Our cost effective platform aggregates, organizes and analyzes millions of data points across multiple data sources and provides access to these insights through dashboards, reports, visualization and Application Program Interfaces (APIs).

Marketing Communication | USA

At BARD we understand personalization marketing and how each consumer journey is unique. We develop strategic programs that build brand equity and increase sales.
BARD’s strategic approach is driven by marketplace trends and data. Our focus is to create a one-to-one connection between the customer and product or service. For nearly twenty years, we’ve been helping clients drive sales and ROI.

E-Commerce | SmartOSC

Established in 2006, SmartOSC is a premium, full-service e-commerce agency. We offer simple yet effective solutions, from consulting, website development, UX/UI design to managed services. With a variety of medium to enterprise customers in North America, Singapore, Australia, Japan and Europe, SmartOSC has proved its expertise in guiding companies through a focus on e-commerce and cost effectiveness, together with a faster go-to-market service thanks to its scalable resource offering, and a track record of successfully delivering enterprise level projects. As of June 2020, the company employs over 550 specialists across its office locations. The company's technical and business expertise is built around key selected platforms including Magento, Sitecore, Kentico, Shopify Plus, Adobe, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Hybris.

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